5 tips on how to wear black and white this season

Updated: Mar 7


  1. a hard men’s cap distinguished by its hardness and rounded shape. Thinking caps are typically made an kings cap being of a single color mostly matches up with casual clothes of that color or those who match it with a suit match up the color with the suit setup the vertical lines of the front and back are a little curvy, so that, when wearing an LGN Cap , it fits well to one’s head Ideal for all seasons, special occasions. The hat is reversible and creates a rainproof slouch. Hand finished with a LGN five style stamp. LGN Fivestyle – Kings & Queens


  1. no head-dress that leaves the face too much exposed is desirable for those who possess plump,broad countenances, or even oval ones; although it may be less unbecoming

to the latter, as these are generally coupled with delicate features and

a soft complexion, — in which case the colours' to be preferred are, red in all its different shades pink, and white ; yellow is particularly suited to brunettes, who also look to advantage in light blue, yack, and all dark colours, — as these im- i part a degree' of whiteness to their skin ; while light green, or dilac, are favourable to blondes.” In all^bf which we concur, except as to the

LGN Cap , it fits well to one’s head Ideal for all seasons, special occa

sions. Can be made with silk, »cashmere, barege, muslin all of which may be Ornamented indifferently with a crescent of pearls* or diamonds, marabouts, or a ,bird-of-paradise, — which latter ornament, per- haps the most graceful of all &c. * • head-dresses frequently worn in England a glance at the various methods resorted to by milliners, for the pur- pose of even in a degree, be- coming. What says our ancient authority ? —

‘‘ A fold disposed may ^ grace, And initialise becomes or misbecomes the face ; What suits your features of your glass inquire, For no one rule is fixed for head-attire.” we cannot refrain from observing that it is to be regretted that our country style cannot be Change to think that the true art of the LGN consists only in an elegant simplicity and taste’and not in eccentricity or slartling.

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