Black history month special (The book of codes)

The book of codes (for the broken and contrite heart): 100 wise codes to protect you from self destruction

 This book of codes is a gem packed with empowerment for the mind of the reader.

What happen in the pass, is the pass the pain i feel now is the present, the hope i have for tomorrow is a better future.

Our common mission should be safe guarding all whats good in human heritage

life is a test what we learn from it is are lessons. Protection and justice for all base on mutual respect of universal morel obligation. What’s happening to mans good nature, It was once mans nature o socialism of this diverse world to be fairness and equality. Opposed by the threat of mutiny by the big industry, churches, banks, high finance and the army. Social harmony can only be established if the social impacts that cause hostility are destroyed, sometimes you have to make the choice give it all to God or go forth alone into the wilderness of human hate and corruption.

Lets face it this world knows how to pluck the feathers of angels, feeding on the energy of the innocent cries of those suffering at the hands of relentless lunatics in a never ending power struggle The context in which it is written resembles proverbs. Quotes and statements.

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