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BMM Burgess park

The park was built between sometime between 1950s and 1980s. Named after Councillor Jessie Burgess,  first woman Mayor in Camberwell 1973.

 Burgess Park is developed was after the Abecrombie Plan for open spaces in 1943, its main purpose was to point out the main directions of development and reconstruction of London, to fight developmental and irregular growth. 2012 marked a transformation for Burgess Park which  re-opened after an £8m development process. The park is central to the local community today and is recognized for its rich heritage,  design and horticultural excellence.

Events and Facilities.

  1. BMX Track: 400-metre BMX National Standard track is open daily except Mondays until 9pm.

  2. Cafe: The Park Life Cafe is located in the centre of the park outside Chumleigh Gardens.

  1. Toilets @ Park entrances: Albany Road, Old Kent Road, Chumleigh Street, Wells Way.

  2. Car Park: The car park has 25 car spaces. Parking is free for up to four hours, disable parking for blue badge holders accessible.

  1. Barbeques: There are two designated areas for barbecues round by the lake.

  2. Lake:  Day membership for fishing activities available.

  3. Chumleigh Gardens

Sports facilities Play areas: The Adventure Playground for 8-16s . located next to Chumleigh gardens.

Sports centre:  free indoor gym and a range of sports available including community football,  cricket and  rugby for children and adults.


Cricket pitch: Pitches can be booked

Football pitch: Pitches can be booked Tennis courts:  Open everyday from 12pm to 9pm except public holidays – call 020 7703 4275



For more info on Burgess sports visit

Burgess has a beautiful array of meadows,


wildlife and flower gardens. 

with lots of activities to get involved in daily.

Sports and fitness equipment is accessible to members of the public. Southwark Parks are open 365 days a year including Christmas and New Years Day.

Opening times opened by 7.30 am

Closing time will usually be near to sunset. for more info click here

Burgess Park

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