BMM Burgess park

The park was built between sometime between 1950s and 1980s. Named after Councillor Jessie Burgess,  first woman Mayor in Camberwell 1973.

Events and Facilities.

  1. BMX Track: 400-metre BMX National Standard track is open daily except Mondays until 9pm.

  2. Cafe: The Park Life Cafe is located in the centre of the park outside Chumleigh Gardens.

  1. Toilets @ Park entrances: Albany Road, Old Kent Road, Chumleigh Street, Wells Way.

  2. Car Park: The car park has 25 car spaces. Parking is free for up to four hours, disable parking for blue badge holders accessible.

  1. Barbeques: There are two designated areas for barbecues round by the lake.

  2. Lake:  Day membership for fishing activities available.

  3. Chumleigh Gardens

Sports facilities Play areas: The Adventure Playground for 8-16s . located next to Chumleigh gardens.

Sports centre:  free indoor gym and a range of sports available including community football,  cricket and  rugby for children and adults.

Cricket pitch: Pitches can be booked

Football pitch: Pitches can be booked Tennis courts:  Open everyday from 12pm to 9pm except public holidays – call 020 7703 4275


For more info on Burgess sports visit

Burgess has a beautiful array of meadows,

Sports and fitness equipment is accessible to members of the public. Southwark Parks are open 365 days a year including Christmas and New Years Day.

Opening times opened by 7.30 am

Closing time will usually be near to sunset. for more info click here

Burgess Park

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