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BMM {Contemporary Arts & Learning}

Hello and greetings to you all.

Today we would like to introduce 198 creative learning works. This company has formed a solid partnerships with other agencies to support young people aged 13-19 in our communities.

This wonderful establishment is offering courses in visual arts and media. for more info visit

198 Railton road London SE24 0JT

Programs and services

Photography: Monday

10.30am- 3.30pm

       Skills development

  1. Extensive knowledge about equipment including shutters, aperture ,iso and their relationships

  2. The Normal Lens

  3. Caring For Your Camera

  4. Creative ability and techniques for photography

Graphics:  Wednesday 


       Skills development

  1. Graphic design techniques

  2. Image and text for visual design and communication

  3. Techniques in the creation of posters and magazines

  4. Packaging and imagery to communicate your ideas.

Illustration: Friday

10.30am- 3.30pm

      Skills development

  1. Visual communication(advanced drawing)

  2. Creative thinking and communication

Other services

Hustlebucks: Thursday


web site for more info:

       Skills development

  1. Customised printing

  2. Fashion design 

  3. Creative arts 

  4. creative thinking and design

Current Exhibition

To Gypsyland

The project by Delaine Le Bas, co-curated by Barby Asante for 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, explores the ideas and myths of ‘Gypsyland’.


Exploring ways to connect present to the past, uncovering histories of communities that live secluded from British culture with misrepresented views in modern society. Gypsy land will reveal the truths about urban traveller communities that has always been part of the city environment.

The common stereo type of the public view is that theses communities live only and solely in the country side, quite the contrary will be demonstration through cultural and historical geography of a people who are often mythologised and portrayed in a different light from the true perceptions of  Gypsy culture and history as human heritage.

To view more support groups like this become a member here:

Many thanks in advance

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