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BMM {cooperativeness vs competitiveness}


Poor people have to accept the inevitability of class struggle. Those in the class struggle of competitiveness should consider cooperativeness. Face with ever changing social demands for adaptability within business, more and more small business are threatened with closure. The major high street stores are feeling the pinch in these challenging financial times, employment is tighter, people have got less money in their pockets, and also we’ve seen a massive growth in the supermarkets in terms of non-food retail. We’ve seen the internet go from nothing to 12% of retail sales – and that’s forecast to be at least 30% by 2020. BMM is a on-line development organization offering advice ,support in the self development & preservation in business. We create collaborations between are members. Unique networking technique is arming such a people with {socialization of goods, services and production, encompassing everything and providing preservation of business} for those who have trouble with cultural heritage intangible or tangible BMM is A sacred grove for everyone within the network} Join us today and help us build a better community and increase economic growth.

Thank you in advance

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