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BMM Development Tools{EPOS}

Welcome to BossesMadeMen

 support network

Today we have a treat for all our Bosses working in the non food retail section. We have sought big business and self entrepreneurs to join our network.

Today i would like to introduce EPOS, {Electric point of sale}  is a software which offers many solutions for small business. The benefits are as follows

basic soft ware will include:

  1. 4ZDBASE Heavy Duty Cash

  1. 4LWTP High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer 1

  2. Single Line Scanner 1

  3. 4ZSWCPOS Orbis Point of Sale Software

  1. 4ZSWORB Orbis Head Office/Back Office Software

  1. Orbis Site Licence 1

  2. INSTALL 1 Days Installation 1

  3. SYSTR 2 Days Software Training

       Bosses is now collaborating with GA Wedderburn & Co Ltd © Company No: 0272418 To provide this offer for our members  at estimate £50  a week on a 3 year lease.

Cash registers and associated hardware (excluding consumable items) are covered by a one year full warranty

 To get yours today call 07766855684


Warm regards

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