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BMM {Environmental development}

Today we like to glorify our community and its attractions.Focusing on Lambeth although neighboring communities will be mentioned with concordance to our data. Lambeth is a beautiful borough with a population size of 272.00 plus.


Lambeth is the most diverse borough in the whole of London, providing a creative array of business and amusement. The statistical data shows that 69% of the population is employed with 53% percent of the jobs are in the CCI aka cultural and creative industry. The retail hospitality employment is 19% while Business finance houses 28% of the employment. Lambeth is full of bosses & and self made men if you will excuse the pun with over 210.000 people of working age this is the highest working population in London, a massive 73% of the community is in employment and a steady growth of 65% are manager or senior professions.

The economic times has encourage more innovative projects and supportive charity’s to bring more structure to Lambeth. Great supports groups such as Brixton’s soup kitchen, Fanon resource center and many food banks has emerge as a result. There is still room for improvement in many areas {Statistics show that 11,830 people were out of work claiming benefits according to the office of national statistics} that is 5.6 of the population. The demanding times has force many to change jobs and even become self employed. BMM is here to support all business and raise awareness in the community.

Do you have a idea or project which you think will benefit the community add it here: ADD YOUR TALENT/BUSINESS

or you would just like to view our directories :BMM DIRECT

If you would like to become a collaborator please contact me

We are looking to make the transition from our voluntary development service into a social enterprise and we are actively seeking Trustees for this cause to find out more please read here: Become a trustee

BMM offers complete structural, community development services. We will focus on small business and self employed workers with the following

Free Advice Community Networking . Referrals. Integrated on-line directories

Membership incentives design to give back

The company is ‘project’ oriented where each project involves: community development. self development . Preservation of business. Employment.

support groups these generate community news projects, courses, access to the right people, knowledge, and tools for self development business become more knowledgeable and confident when talking about community features and projects, news generates, jobs, collaboration and Development tools.

Thank you for your time.

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