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BMM {give back to community day}

BMM {give back to community day}

Every month we will be visiting a few of the shops on our BMM directories. This month we was meant to be meeting today outside Brixton Library Wind rush square. Due to some technical difficulties we had to cancel the walk this month. Good news for our members we have fixed the problem with our sites apps. “‘The show must go on” For those Members with the BMM apps on their phones we encourage you to find a local store or support group, self employed worker and give back what you can.

We will be purchasing items from these local shops to better our environment.

We encourage to shop on-line @ BMM directories. If you cant afford it just add a member of your community to our database its simple click here:

or email: BMM is a top provider of professional business networking and sponsorship. We have a online network of business on our directories, we liaison, promote and support. Members view our directories to find local business, talent and crafts daily. This automatically generates potential customers for your business and creates collaborations. We have over 2 years experience in the web development and promotions with a long list of satisfied customers. We invite all our members actively to add a member of your community. This project is design to give back to the community if you have any problem accessing the Bosses in our directories please join the fun here:

Kind Regards


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