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BMM { KITAJ } Pictures & Converstions

Hi and good morning

Welcome to my blog. today i would like to introduce this amazing artist Julian Rios one of Spain’s most celebrated Novelists, with this originate design and new kind of art book.


The Book contribute a beautiful array of over 200 illustration to furnish to reader with beautiful ideas and creativity. The pictures in this book were accurately and thoroughly selected to complement the text, constructing in great detail a Mosaic of word and image.

Julian Rios Book Kitaj is a Conversational and a meditation on the work of the American Born painter R.B Kataj who lived in London for a great deal of his life. Kitaj has inspired many great artist modern and ancient, his inspiration from city life, literature and cinema is expressed within his works.This book also explores Kitaj’s increasing awareness of Jewish impression and condition of being as described.

Novelist and painter, with word play abundantly showing high spirits Kitaj is by far one of the most extraordinary Artists.

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