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BMM {National Hate Crime Awareness week.}

Dear members welcome to BMM, this week is national hate crime awareness week. For those members who are not aware of this you still have plenty time to get involve BMM went to visit St Paul’s Cathedral, London hosting the launch of  Service.

Diversity Choir Played music followed by a community vigil and the Lighting of National Candle of Hope and Remembrance for those victims affected by Hate Crime.

This candle will remain burning at St Paul’s for the remainder of the week. 11th-18th October. 


Fifteen years ago  David Copeland – the London Nail Bomber – set out to drive fear and hatred by targeting communities with nail bombs. The motive was to divide communities and lead to the election of the BNP.  His plan failed but tragically he planted three nail bombs – targeting Brick Lane, Soho and Brixton.

On the 17th April 1999, The first nail bomb was planted in Brixton targeting the local Black community. The bomb exploded  and injured 47 people including a young child.

On the 24th April the second nail bomb  targeted the Asian communities around Brick Lane, injuring 6 people.

Lambeth’s Hate Crime Coordinator is running a Hate Crime Awareness Campaign for the next month with the Hate Crime Reporting stall touring Lambeth

The Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Stall is free to hire.

To find out where the next stall will be click here.  .

Hate Crime can also be reported via the Lambeth Council online hate crime reporting form. please click here.

Thank you for your time.

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