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BMM {online business & development tools}

Business motivational modules

  1. We offer the best in Talent Development

  2. Exclusive networking with other artist who share the same passion.

  3. We promo your songs or poetry to members weekly

  4. We arrange members  of our on-line community to collaborate talents to develop products, jobs and economic resources.

  5. We report positive role models via our members radio stations

  6. Members receive emails for events & talent shows

  7. We create business structure modules

  8. We create websites/ videos and logos for the sme small business development.

  9. We offer leaflet distribution and design for members

  10. We offer discounts on products and services when members use our Network


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Boss Name(required)


Contact number(required)

Would you like a leaflet distribution(required) yes no

What talent would you like to develop(required) Singer/ artist

Arts & craft


Something else

Would you like a website (required) yes


Wed development options(required) Video for your project £20

Website for entrepreneurs £100

Website & logo £150

Website for business £350

Website for personal use £80 +

I don’t require these services

Tell us about the Talent you wish to develop


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