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Today i am proud to present This innovative boss has been providing the best car maintenance service for the community for over 2 years now.

We went to visit dean’s car care last week, and can confirm that these bosses have developed a fast and reliable business. Dean told us about the startling developments over the pass year which was evident and inspirational and i quote dean  

Expanding the business in terms of financial growth and services demands all sorts of changes sometimes resulting in, relocation. dedication is the key to the quality car maintenance we provide.  

This boss is now training the youth in specifically Lambeth in car maintenance body work  as part of a community project to help in the fight against youth unemployment and poverty. for more info visit our Development Directories or  

The new location for Deans car care.


Coldharbour lane

sw9 8se


  1. Modifications and Customization

  2. Engine Diagnostics 

  3. Service and Repairs

  4. Spares and Accessories 

  5. Bodywork and Full Resprays

Call : 07426133306 for quote

To keep up with the development of this enterprise join our network.

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