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Welcome to Bossesmademen

South London’s leading support network

We have a on-line network of business on our directories, we liaison, promote and support. Members view our directories to find local business, talent and crafts daily.

This automatically generates potential customers for your business and creates collaborations. 

Today we have a treat for all our Bosses working in the non food retail section. We have sought big business and self entrepreneurs to invest and contribute to our support network. The last two years has been life changing for me and those members i proudly support. I have meet some very successful entrepreneurs nationally and in our community, I’ve attended dragons den just this year and got training and advice from some of the best  at the social school for entrepreneurs. We have made some wonderful collaborations at and we are very proud of our members & to be a part of ths community. Lambeth/Southwark is fully on the map right now.

Today i would like to introduce EPOS, {Electric point of sale}  is a software which offers many solutions for small business. The benefits are as follows

  1. key sales information / stock keeping

  2. 15” Pc Based Bezel Free Touchscreen 

  3. Time and attendance of paying customers

  4. full stock reports

  5. margin detail

  6. profit reports

  7. data analysis

  8. web reporting /easily accessible to Bosses and managerial personnel

Advance solution can be create for the more self developed business

basic soft ware will include: 

  1. 4ZDBASE Heavy Duty Cash Drawer 

  2. 4LWTP High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer 1

  3. Single Line Scanner 1

  4. 4ZSWCPOS Orbis Point of Sale Software (To Reside on Above Hardware) 1

  5. 4ZSWORB Orbis Head Office/Back Office Software 1

  6. Orbis Site Licence 1

  7. INSTALL 1 Days Installation 1  

  8. SYSTR 2 Days Software Training

       Bosses is now collaborating with GA Wedderburn & Co Ltd © Company No: 0272418 To provide this offer for our members  at estimate £50  a week on a 3 year lease.

Cash registers and associated hardware (excluding consumable items) are covered by a one year full warranty 

Thank you for your time

Warm regards


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