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Today we will focus on the development of modern arts.

This educational illustrative book spreads a light on the often neglected works of African modern arts. This collective catalogue uncovers a rich heritage and history of African traditions and movements, with essays, interviews and artists stories.

The achievement the of these African artists in this book has through their subtle and startling works, gained eye widening exposure from the international audience.

  1. Artist like Ben Enwonwu,

  2. Achamyelah Debela,

  3. Dumisani Mabaso and Kevin Atkinson  to mention a few who express a eye for detail and Human sensitivity to colour.

Kefa Sempangi Oil on Board painting titled Reptile 1967 and Gebre Kristoswith the 1973 oil on Hardboard painting titled Power displaying Africans artist abilities to organize the visible. The African people are spontaneously artist highly successful in generating vitality and power in intense forms of expression. The art which the reader experiences has capture the forms of , baptisms, festivals, marriages,weddings, births, funerals and much more.

Addis Ababa Fine Arts School founded in 1957 with the contribution from the cooperation of the ministry of Education and his imperial majesty EmperorHaile Selassie brought change to the teaching of modern art, with two of Ethiopia most influential painters Gebre Kristos Desta and Skurder Boghossian as teachers the  creative energy of the students increased immensely.

This book will develop many area of African arts while exploring political and geographical influences. The histories and traditions behind the works covering the seven sections of this book. The seven sections consists of a collection of works from

  1. Nigeria,

  2. Sudan,

  3. Kenya,

  4. South Africa,

  5. Ethiopia,

  6. Uganda

  7. Senegal

Power up today with this spectacular illustrative catalog.


Great read contents northern a southern African art oil on board descriptive paintings

100% positive over the past 12 months. (3 total ratings)

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