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Great news for all your self employed Bosses, we are proud to introduce this excellent pay roll service, the benefits and profitability. I started out using shape shape last  year and have save at least £300 annually accounting and pay roll administration. Ship shape even offers Free CSCS testing which really helps when you first starting out as your own boss. Just have a look at a few of the benefits listed here.

Free tax returns  Don’t pay extra when tax return preparation and submission comes free with Ship Shape Pay. We’ll keep all your records in one place and keep you organised no matter how many different jobs you have.

Free CRB (DBS) check Employment in certain occupations and roles, particularly those involving contact with children and vulnerable adults, requires a CRB check. Only when a CRB check can be produced will a person be lawfully working in such a role.

Free mobile Never pay for a mobile phone bill again! We provide you with a T-Mobile SIM to use in your current handset, providing 600 minutes talk time, 500 SMS and 500MB of data each month, free of charge when you are paid through Ship Shape Pay.

There are so much ways to make extra cash with shape shape, every time your have a new job as a member you can tell shape about the company and you will receive £25 every time amazing!

Once your become a member you can make money referring other people take a look at the rate below absolutely beneficial and profitable.FriendsPer friendBonusTotal1£25 £252£25 £503£25 £754£25 £1005£25£100£2256£25 £2507£25 £2758£25 £3009£25 £32510£25£150£500

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