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HI if your reading this you are about to discover the power of self development, a few techniques to eliminate self destruction and access your full POTENTIAL in self development.

gREat so lets begin.

Self destruction{ a collection of actions of which one causes harm or abuse to one self.} in  psychology the objectivity of a pattern of BEHAVIOURS.

self awareness

people are different so don’t expect everyone to understand you, but respect the beauty in the creation of INDIVIDUALITY.

look at the plants, the trees and even flowers; how they live in union with EACH OTHER. look at the different colours and shapes the stillness in existence.

now ask your self a QUESTION? would the grass COVETOUS to the rose because its prim red glow in the summer sun.

ask your self another QUESTION? would the tree DESPISE the birds who freely rest in its branches or the man which eats of its fruit.

why? the ANSWER lies in CONSCIOUSNESS. The lower species of life are situated in forgetfulness. note{the elements are not so; such as water which has a great memory} suppose you was told to “sit down for three days here” because we are not forgetful we would become angry. so by natures law all these lower species of life are forgetful.

their consciousness is not developed.

A tree has life, but even if someone cuts it, because its consciousness is not developed it DON’T respond, although it has a VIBRATIONAL reaction to stimuli it feels no pain, as far as my perception of these complex living organisms. people can learn a great deal from OBSERVING nature how we should live in harmony.

people on the other hand are developed in the sense of CONSCIOUSNESS and find it harder to forget things like being cut, shot, abused ect. . RESPECTFULLY everyone RESPONds to ENVIRONMENTAL stimuli different and as individuals our AWARENESS varies.

Development of Self-Destruction

Like all negative STIMULI, self-destruction typically develops through the following sequence:

  1. Early negative experiences 

Web  The UK’s free, Tel:08001111. confidential helpline for children and young people.

  1. Misconceptions about the nature of one self.


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  1. CONSTANT need to protect one self {this is also self victimization}web Providing confidential and emotional support to those experiencing despair, distress or suicidal feelings. tel 08457909090 Email:

  2. A persona to hide all of the above in adulthood

The most widespread forms of self-destructive behaviour

The most direct form of self-destruction is deliberate physical self-injury or self-harm, the ultimate manifestation of which is deliberate suicide.

uk STATISTICS 2012-2014 show The majority of suicides continue to occur in adult males, accounting for approximately three quarters of all suicides (77%)

Around 1 in 12 (8.2%) adults had taken an illicit drugs (excluding mephedrone) in the last year, a fall compared with 2011/12 (8.9%). This equates to around 2.7 million people; Cannabis was the most commonly used drug, with 6.4% of adults aged 16 to 59 using it in the last year; The next most commonly used drugs in the last year were powder cocaine (1.9%) and ecstasy (1.3%). Along with cannabis, these were also the most used drugs in 2011/12.

Recent figures indicates that 1 in 100 women has a clinically diagnosed eating disorder (approx 269 thousand females in England and Wales alone) and over half have a ‘serious destructive issue with food’ that wouldn’t be clinically diagnosed but causes them significant trouble.


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Its easy, just type in your problem and SDPB will give you the answer.

warm regards

bmm team.

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