Good afternoon Members

Today we are proud to present SIOBHAN DAVIES Studios

We visited this wonderful establishment today to find out more. We was greeted by friendly and polite staff, the accessibility was very good with disabled access and elevators. The environment was very clean and the studios quite grandiose. We was lucky to catch the ending of a phytology project, which is basically the study of plants. To learn more about Phytology click here

The studio offers a wide range of contemporary therapies to help develop the body and mind. The therapist offer different treatment to its member some of the services are as as follows:

  1. Chi kung- Attracting Stillness

  2. Afro- Brazilian Fusion

  3. Contemporary Dance

  4. Pilates

Just to mention a few. To book a studio or get the full listing of projects and services please visit the web site

Alternatively call 02070919650 / email:

Many thanks

for more projects and support groups visit BMM Directories

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