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Hello and greetings this fine rainy day.

Days like this we all need a good shelter, umbrella or rain hat. The pass week we have been working and just that. The modules we have invented may far exceed your expectations. The first issue was food banks and shelter from the cold, we decided to go around London and list as many as we could find and integrate them into the network for our members.


The primary research took us on a wonderful journey throughout London where we meet some wonderful bosses who donate most of there time to helping people for food and shelter. We also accumulated secondary data of suppler for our members who may be interested in setting up their on food charity. To get access to this food module click here

Property guide London 2016 was the nest module, I’ve given you a list of 14 places to get advice when looking to buy property.) “Hi I’m john from Bosses Made Men” Community, Editable, Knowledge Base I’m so happy that you took the time to invest in this information and I hope that it is of benefit to you. The dream of owning a house is fast disappearing for me, and many others of the majority of people in the capital. The average price in London to buy a house is £300,000 – 12 times the average salary. Right now there are only two areas of London where you can buy a home for less than £300.000. to find out more click here

We had to choose carefully which module we would choose next the Umbrella designs or the Hats. I choose the hats purely because i love them 🙂 So we embarked on the design process of a all year round multiple style unisex hat. The research was spectacular taking us on a journey from the beginnings of fashion dating back to this present day. I must say that my favorite era was the 1920’s -1930’s with the cloche hats for ladies grabbing my attention at a instants. The beautiful vintage look had me wanting to live in such a time, with the splendor of such designs. So after two days of configuration we presented our first hat module for members of our business community. To see the full design patent application or inventors note book please register here

This module is up for sell to any bosses who may be interested and also to license for those who may want customize this design. We have a range of styles you may be interested in so please do not hesitate to contact me. These design can be created in all colors and materials. To see other customized designs, business modules and inventions please register here

I am always excited about discussing business development modules & potential new projects. I often come up with solutions that far exceed the expectations of customers plans. Following the development of individuals and businesses till they reach their goals. For a quote on any of the modules please contact me:

John Livingston freelance

London Camberwell Se5

Phone: 07778 609408 for free no obligation quote.

Thank you for reading, please share with your friends and business community and help others find the tools they need to develop.

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