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South London’s Finest

BMM is a community development project, providing business motivational modules and referrals. We have a online network of business on our directories, we liaison, promote and support. Members view our directories to find local business, talent and crafts daily.This automatically generates potential customers for your business and creates collaborations.

We follow the development of bosses in our community! We have a network of 215 members who we offer our services.

                Thank all the bosses and self made entrepreneurs for their inspiration and examples.


Bookings & Also Musical Link With The Artist:         Make a booking here

Address London, United Kingdom                           Mobile Phones Ask for Myk’s phone number

Screen Name T.MANTANA                                      Address London, United Kingdom

Make a booking here                                               Screen Name   trixzartist  Make a booking here

:                             Artist: Starboimillz

MYSPACE: Bucky JoJo                                                                                                    REVERBNATION: Bucky JoJo                                                        Make a booking                                                                 TWITTER: @Bucky_jo / @Buzwakk                                                                                                                                     YOUTUBE: BUZWAKK EMAIL: /                                                               FACEBOOK: Bucky jo (Joseph Marriott) / Bucky Jo (BuzwakkRecords)

BMM {JKL CLEANING} Grand Celebration JB Soul Food

Pempamsie Dean’s Carcare Mike Fell

K & J AUDIO Blessed restaurant  Simone’s little tots

Ackee Tree minicabs barrel king Cherith Supermarket

Dean Clements {SELF MADE Dean’s Carcare DEEN,S FUNITURE Endz2Endz Fosters {fruit and veg} H white & sons painting and decorating

Ignite Boilers Innovation Forever JOHN BOOKS 2013 K & J AUDIO KD HAIR SALON barber shop

LEX T REMOVALS lloyd’s London cars south Ltd MJ PLUMBING& HEATING

Ocean quality dry cleaners ONTIME SHIPPING LTD

PD shipping Pempamsie ReeFresh Furnitures Ricky’s Removal

Sewi Autos LTD simpsons property services

Soapy moos valeting services Thanh {engineering}

Time For A Change Wayne xbox 360 mods

For those Members with the BMM apps on their phones we encourage you to find a local store or support group, self employed worker and give back what you can.

Our network is open to allow free access to members of public to donate what they can to the development of this project. Give back project south London

We will be purchasing items from these local shops to better our environment.

check our support groups and charities 

We encourage to shop on-line @ BMM directories. If you can’t afford it just add a member of your community to our database its simple click here:

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