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Business Development Tools {information support system} Motivation 2015

  1. Provides customers with a free page in our directories

  2. Other members view your Talent page

  3. When corporations, company’s, tourist and the general public use our archives a detailed search of business/ talent will be accessible.

  4. This project is design to develop business opportunities and support economic growth in UK!  

  5. We focus on diversity and fairness in our open social network. music off all genre is accepted all talent and craft, once we receive a request for a Talent we place it in the archives. Members can comment on our blogs @ our community hub collaborators can actively engage with the Talents, full support and guidance how to operate system will be provided in welcome pack!

Business development tools

  1. Do a company name check Compare business insurance quote 

  2. Employees     Get a custom designed business logo

  3. Advertise a job Create your business website

  4. Check if a new employee has the right to work in the UK

  5. Business planning Licences and registration

  6. Financial projection tool Business Events Finder

  7. Sales and marketing Small business support,

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Building motivational modules We will use the tools on your behalf Let us help you with your research

Simply book a 30 minute study buddy online at our academy and we will search over 1 million archives for the information you seek!

Read our guide to starting a business online here for free here!

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