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Celebrating People’s art, fine art and Urban arts July 20015

Greetings to you all this fine day!

Today where celebrating People’s art, fine art and Urban arts.

The creative sector in business and economics plays a major part in the environment.,

The urban art festival created some great art live during the annual art fair held in Josephine avenue SW2 over the second weekend of July.


This event is organised each year by open arts project and positive arts.

The display is now in Wind rush square Brixton 


The book i have chosen today is People’s Art by Emmanuel Cooper. This book covers works that are not so often written about, art from the working class 1750 to the present day. This book is a perfect to highlight the talent and skills of a few Working-Class people.

 Amazing illustration throughout book

This book looks at the great mass of art from Britain between 1980 to present day, Appreciating the expressive qualities of people’s art and the relationship their works have the cultural traditions. People’s art is produced within an economic, social and cultural context which helps it shape its meaning.

Peoples art arose and started development within the industrial period when social and economic state were fast changing and demanded. The need for leisure time, and the introduction of the free state education influenced Peoples art immensely.

Working class creativity is very powerful, displaying visual imagination, relevant to society and is becoming  recognized more now a days.

Please be sure to read this book.

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