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Claude Newman – Black history month – Study

Today’s true story has an astounding apparition. Claude Newman was a negro man who worked the fields for a landowner. He had married when he was 17 years old to a woman of the same age. One day, two years later, he was out plowing the fields. Another worker ran to tell Claude that his wife was screaming from the house.

Immediately Claude ran into his house and found a man attacking his wife. Claude saw red, grabbed an axe and split the man’s head open. When they rolled the man over, they discovered that it was the favorite employee of the landowner for whom Claude worked. Claude was arrested.

Complaints spur investigations at Warren County Jail ...

The Warren County Jail He was later sentenced for murder and condemned to die in the electric chair.

Claude Newman as told by Father Robert O’Leary (1911-1984). One night in his prison cell, Claude was awakened with a gentle touch upon his wrist. He awoke to find, as he later explained to Fr. O’Leary, “the most beautiful woman that God ever created.” Mother Mary said, “”If you would like me to be your Mother, and you would like to be my child, send for a priest. A officer witness seconds before the execution a lady with hand on Claude’s shoulder standing behind the electric chair.

Man at grave of relative in cemetery, All Saints’ Day, New ...

A family member at the grave Claude who was giving a Honorable christian burial

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