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Community awards, inspiration and examples. (2015)

Welcome to BMM blog; this is were you can find the best in talent, services and business development tools. We love to discuss business motivational modules with all our members.

Add your talent skill to our registry and we will follow your development, and share your progress with other members. You will be able to develop your skill at our academy for free with our free library of books. You will have full access to our research files and business motivation modules. Thanks to all our members for their inspiration and examples. Today the community award goes to the following nominated business.


Harbour Cycles is a innovative bike shop based in London. This fairly new development provides the best in cycling equipment and bicycles. We went to visit the organization today and was impressed by the fantastic product. Greeted by the friendly and polite staff implementing a excellent customer service. To learn more about this wonderful business visit the website click here alternatively visit 200 Coldharbour Lane, Loughborough Junction, SE5 9QH

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