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Confronting big economic challenges{Business motivational modules}

Hi I’m john from BossesMadeMen Community Editable Knowledge base.

Today we will be looking briefly at managing organization change; What type of change a crisis is likely to provoke. Why is it important to effectively manage change during/post crisis and the role of change agents and the role of the leader.

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Managing organization change

To improve or maintain effectiveness whilst modifying the organization. There’s is many types of change as you will see at the end of this report. The major changes are Access to suppliers, Development of new products, Entry of new competition, Changes in Shifting cultural , economic social- politic frame works. Some others types of change include new emerging markets and new developments in technology. Companies lose market leadership thought destructive technology all the time and change planning is needed.

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What type of change a crisis is likely to provoke

When a crises occurs people respond different to the stimuli, effecting the different aspects the why people relate to each other. This is cause massive dysfunction in the relational systems in the organization, disturbing behavior patterns between the people who work together, coordinating the service of tasks and goals to get the work done. Crises does this by effecting rational health of the systems unbalancing coercion and flexibility and disturbing Communications patterns.

These relation ship breakdowns can still have a effect long after the operational functionality of the organisation.

Tip to repair system sometimes requires transformation of system, actively engaging in emotional processing where members share stories and experiences. Empowerment and construction of meaning: installing a new narrative and sense of who we are Cohesion discover connections Flexibility Gain control over the reaction to the crisis Improve collaboration and organization{ cohesion and flexibility}

Why is it important to effectively manage change during/post crisis?

Darwin once said : it is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the intellectual but those who most responsive to change. Business must continuously reinvent them self’s Assessing change; in this information economy, due to new accessible technologies , quality improvements and access to new suppliers and markets we have exponentially increased competition. {identifying change early is essential} . There are many reasons why managing change is important. As you will see at by the end of report.

Role of change agents and the role of the leader.

At a Organizational level the role of a change agent is firmly make a strong case of change, Gaining support of executives senior managers whilst creating processes to engage people such as the Training, Awards, Learning and Communication.

At a local level a change agents have to personally get involved with the development of commitment, motivating whilst Managing resistance and anxieties of people to change. Often dealing with middle front line managers & Securing sufficient resources for the change.

Local personal commitment for change has many dimensions influencing key people In organization, facilitating change through methods which enable others to plan and execute change.

Leaders role is mostly conceptualization; to know where there are taking organization; understanding the depths of the strategy and the business model and com-mutate it to the organization in a compelling way to bring alignment between team senior leaders for future change developments.

BMM managing culture change with Technology short/medium/long strategies

Tip! In this digital sense change agents can be the brand which has a relationship with consumer, what value does the brand provide, given consumer a reason to care. Technology is increasingly building relationships, dialogue and some cases the brand can be publishers.

How we manage change at bossesmademen on a short term basis we identify road blocks building capabilities that make changing last, levering a pure networks of motivators. This is powerful stuff ! Editable knowledge base, creating change management strategies & business motivational modules.

Accessing what are the habits that need to change by proactively communicating, expectation to project teams through project planning.

Culture is key to business success at bossesmademen, we build leaders by changing critical behaviors. Developing metrics in the planning process to facilitate acceptance to change referring to guides

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Sharing knowledge and empowering others leaders with knowledge and research. Guiding, empowering leaders and followers through business developments.

Over a medium term by using consistent, predictable and repeatable practices. Monitoring access to suppliers, development of new products, entry of new competition, changes in shifting cultural , economic social- politic frame works. new emerging markets & new developments in technology.

The systems will have to operated this way over a long term. Proactively providing information replacing existing habits with new ones. We use habits to accumulate data and find culture over time, The system culture management development, monitors people’s capability through training to keep them up to date with company alignments. You can opt in or out of research development at any time data will be store for five years.

The information system operates at ever stage on a simple formula

Researching Relative success of program = resistance

B building awareness of mind of one self M motivating actions that can be taken towards development M modelling what is important

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