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Discovering your purpose, write down your goals!


1. finding information

Albert Einstein once said something alone the lines of “its not about how much you can remember more, how good you are at locating the information  you need” since I’ve started to write things down  I have noticed how much things i have forgotten when reviewing my research. The truth is the memory isn’t very reliable. Make it a habit to write important stuff down.

2. Ideas fade with time.

Amazing ideas pop up at the most unexpected times but like dreams they tend to not stay for long in your head. What you need to do is capture them fast before they are gone in the wind.

3. Write your goals down.

A written goal brings clarity and guidance. It gives you a focus of direction. Sometimes you can rewrite your goals and reaffirm if your goals are on the right track.

4. Make a list of deadlines. simply write down a reminder of the most  important thing you can do right now?

5. affirmation  Carefully write a statement of a positive projection of how you see yourself now and why those quailty are going to lead you to achieve success in anything you undertake. Be positive, personal and specific.

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