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Dr. Donald Meichenbaum(Stress Management Strategies)

You build up resistance to stress by learning, acquiring and practicing skills needed to go forward and cope. (Dr. Donald Meichenbaum)

Who has time to relieve stress when its constantly building, stress does a number on your mind and decreases your immune system today i am looking at a very good model that worked continually for me, to alleviate stress.

Dr.donald Meichenbaum born June 10 1940 in New York city is an american psychotherapist.

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Here’s: a few ways to reduce stress

Stress is a circumstance and can not always be avoided, Stress isn’t a decision but how you deal with it is, stress comes from all places and walks of life.

The British medical journal done a 15 year study on workplace stress, they reported that those who reported being over worked and unable to meet deadlines where twice as likely to get type two diabetes, than those who thought they would be able to meet the deadlines.

You always have a choice: remember how you react will determine how the stimulus responds.  I wise artist once said “what i cant change in life learn to live with” there are only three reactions to a bad situation

  1. Moving from the situation

  2. Changing the situation

  3. Accepting the situation

Combat stress with the 3 steps above. Think of the most stressful situation in your life now. Decide how you will deal with it. when i have a situation that is stressing me and i cant Change it, i move away from it, if i can get away from it, i accept it and change my understanding of it.

Take this simply strong or weak test, to determine if your operating from strength or weakness.


Oh the nerves,the nerves;the mysteries of this machine called man!Oh the little that unhinges it:poor creatures that we are! Charles Dickens(1812-1870)

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