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Everything you need to know about small business loans.

If you’re considering a small business loan—you’ve come to the right place, whether it’s to finance your new business or an expansion of your current business. We’ll help guide you through the types of small business loans.

Entrepreneurs application process

Business start up loans (Advice)

Qualified coach with The Coaching Academy

MA Employment Studies and Human Resource Management.

The purpose of Prometheus Solutions Limited is to provide Business Support Services to SMEs to help them develop their vision and objectives for business and transform them into a tangible reality.

To be eligible for a Start Up Loan

  1.  client must be been trading for less than 12 months 

  2. Not started a process of obtaining a Start Up Loan with any other provider.

  3. They must have no CCJs, no Bankruptcies and no Individual Voluntary Arrangements and no Defaults in place.  

  4. I will look at unique cases.

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