Fashion Week 2020: behind the scenes

Updated: Mar 7

  1. LGN MILLINERY is an innovative and high quality sports brand, co-founded by John Livingston.Features: Adjustable Peak / Headrest /Peripheral blockers / Superior Helix Warmers / Multiple Styles / Reversible / Touch holders/ Pouch / Visor / Headphones/ Adjustable tongue / Available in over six different colours.Summary of Primary Offering:● Services: Millinery / Designs / Technology ● Products: Business Products / Fashion Designs / SupplierPricing Structure Details: B2B B2C● Purpose: LGN produces a unique handmade millinery that is specifically designed and crafted to suit all seasons, therefore filling a gap in the market for this type of product.● Vision: LGN’s five style reversible hats will provide customers with a unique, stylish and functional way to wear head wear during all seasons. The functional product will fulfil fashion hat enthusiasts needs. Proven, proprietary headwear & services that serve to eliminate the interference between your hat & sunglasses, providing the most secure, comfortable fit possible.

  1. Mission statement: LGN innovative brand which is recognized internationally with a worldwide distribution network at the same time, helping to develop businesses and communities with new innovations and products relevant to ever-evolving markets and consumer tastes.Details:● Core values: Maintain its integrity and vitality of their brand.● Goals: Our ambition is to accommodate our supply chain to dispense true luxury products, power the company through innovations & technology and to work in a simple and efficient way. Operational brilliance is a principal, foundation as we reinforce our Company and re-position our brand.Audience Overview: LGN target customer are Millennials, bringing the generation something vibrant fresh and stylish to wear.WorkforceWe use an information support system to leverage jobs between locals, as part of the succession plan we make referrals to members of the network. Our production line consists of a manufacturer who distributes internationally for us. Administration jobs are offered to local people within the (BossesMadeMen) System.Key ProcessesAll designs registered with and hauge scheme internationalCompany Achievements/NewsAwarded Certification at princess trust / Nominated Brand to watch at Pure London Fashion show / Lambeth first independent Business development information support system

Present Conditions

In November 2016, we set out 5-year plan to re-energize our product brand to deliver sustainable long-term value. The strategy has been delivered through products, communication, distribution, and digital innovation –we remain operational and focused on inspiring people.

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