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Formula E: electric equivalent of F1′ powers into Battersea for season finale today

The furtue of fumula one is much greener with these electic powered cars in formular e racing.The circuit layout  was slightly narrow which  meant the race had to start under the safety car, overtaking was banned at the  first turn to ensure the cars held the ground yesterday in the summer heat.

 However it is predicted that Electric racing series Formula E will be more popular than Formula 1 in five years, according to Virgin Racing chief

This London Eprix championship started september 13 2014 and has one extra leg which takes place today.

 FIA Formula E Championship calendar:

  1. Round 1 Beijing ePrix, People’s Republic of China, September 13 2014

  2. Round 2 Putrajaya ePrix, Malaysia, November 22 2014

  3. Round 3 Punta del Este ePrix, Uruguay, December 13 2014

  4. Round 4 Bueno Aires ePrix, Argentina, January 10 2015

  5. Round 5 Miami ePrix, USA, March 14 2015

  6. Round 6 Long Beach ePrix, USA, April 4 2015

  7. Round 7 Monaco ePrix, Monaco, May 9 2015

  8. Round 8 Berlin ePrix, Germany, May 23 2015

  9. Round 9 Moscow ePrix, Russia, June 6 2015*

  10. Round 10 London ePrix, UK June 27 2015*

  11. Round 11 London ePrix, UK June 28 2015*

Today the final in the competition takes place at Battersea park London. To check it out live click here

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