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“Free Will, Your Choice?” follow up

NOTE – This post is a follow up to Erica’s Young’s message “Free Will, Your Choice?” from Sunday, June 1, 2014 at The River A Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Heard this before: “Why do bad things happen?”, “God is in control” or “It’s in His hands?” Is it or is this a result of man’s free will?

We all go through times of questioning or not quite understanding what happens in our lives. We want to work harder, longer or quicker to get to the places that we want to be. Sometimes not realizing that no matter how much harder we work, or how much longer we go, or how much quicker we get things done, we still are not where we thought we would be.

We like to attribute where we are today due to our “free will” actions in the past. Free will is defined as:…

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