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{Give back to your community day}

Thank all the bosses and self made entrepreneurs for their inspiration and examples.

Every third of the month we give to back to our community in Lambeth/Southwark

Every month we visit a few of the shops on our BMM directories.                                 Empowering orientation aims to help poor people develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, and to strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control their lives.


All our members are encouraged to give back to the community and get more socially including.  

25% discount every time you give back

All Members will receive 25% discount code towards next purchase @ BMM POWER BOOKS STORE} every time they buy or pay for a service from our directories.

BMM {give back to community day}

For those Members with the BMM apps on their phones, we encourage you to find a local store or support group, self employed worker and give back what you can.


HOW TO GET MORE POWER CODES{read below}     


10% discount every time a member joins our directories and add a business talent service or product. We encourage to shop on-line @ BMM directories. If you can’t afford it just add a member of your community to our database its simple click here:

Members will receive 50% discount code when they make any purchase over 100 English pound on BMM POWER BOOK STORE.  

Members will receive %100 discount on products when they make a donation to our development Academy this will be use to support members and charity’s.

Our network is open to allow free access to members of public to donate what they can to the development of this project. Give back project south London

We will be purchasing items from these local shops to better our environment.

check our support groups and charities

We encourage to shop on-line @ BMM directories. If you can’t afford it just add a member of your community to our database its simple click here: you will get 10% discount code

you will receive power every time you give back or read a book.

Power code rates

1% power code = 1 % discount of products

2%powercode = 2% discount of products

The maximum power is 100% which will enable you to receive a free item from BMM POWER BOOKS.

You can combine your codes by filling out forms at BMMPOWERBOOKS Use the contact us form to combine Power codes.We will combine your code and send you the total power to the email address you provided on the form.Note; Make sure you include spaces like this. 10283 36633 when filling out contact form.

 We have a online network of business on our directories, we liaison, promote and support. Members view our directories to find local business, talent and crafts daily.

This automatically generates potential customers for your business and creates collaborations. 

To get started giving back click here

Please see below for some of the members who you can support.