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Great business App ‘Live chat’

BMM is a self development project. We have an online network of business on our directories, we liaison, advise and support. Members view our directories to find local business, talent and crafts daily.

This automatically generates potential customers for your business and creates collaborations.

This evening i would like to present a great business app

LiveChat is an help desk software for customer service and online chat live with website visitors in real-time.

This service offers an amazing customer service experience, solving customer issues and driving more sales for your business. If you have a online business this app will help you to interact with customers directly on the website.

This app works well with Wix websites. You can add this app simply by clicking on ‘Add to site’ button.

Thier is many other ways you can provide great customer experience on your website with interactive chat.

heres a list of a few great ways: Pure Chat helps increase sales creating an amazing customer experience with live chat. My live chat offers real time traffic monitoring, personalized chat buttons and offline message window with your own branding,

ICQ Offering free ICQ video, voice chat and phone calls.

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