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Ideas and inspiration 2018 – Future is Bright for the Bosses

 5 years ago I was stuck in a dead end 95 working my ass off to make ends meet, I teamed up with a few people from my local community to start a local directory in hope that I could find another source of income. The first year I never saw any change in the market and was added businesses locally to the directories and creating collaborations.

The second year in the business I started to see a little net growth so decided to take my idea to the dragons den for social entrepreneurs. There were 100 candidates and I manage to make it to the last 10 finalists. I brought my idea before the judges and done the best I could in pitching the idea, however, I fell short and was told the business was just not ready yet. For the next three years, I kept pushing and adding successful entrepreneurs to the network. It wasn’t until 2016 that I teamed up with Tracy who was a business consultant and successful marketing expert that I started to see the business come to life. Over the next year, I was seeing a massive turnover bringing over a 100k to small startups who wanted loans in the UK. 

I was making a steady wage from the referrals and put together a small web design team to help the clients in the network to grow an online presence ts, there were many dips and turns and the road but we kept pushing until we got our self a break.

In 2016 I had enough revenue to embark on new product developments and started working on my first Love Fashion. As an engineer by trade, I started to work on new concepts for headwear and came up with my first prototype (LGN FIVE STYLE REVERSIBLE HATS)

The fashion industry is massive, bringing in $1 trillion in gross revenue per year.

Yeah, that’s “trillion” with a “t.”

So what is fashion marketing? It’s the outreach you’ll need to separate your product from the competition and succeed in the most cutthroat retail industry in the world.Whatever your idea or business I’m here to help you reach your full potential and achieve your goals It’s a big draw for startups and small development teams… read moreJohn Livingston freelance London Camberwell Se5

Phone: Business Motivational Module T:07947 333 384

Open 9 Am-5 Pm  for free no obligation quote.

I am always excited about discussing business development modules & potential new projects. I often come up with solutions that far exceed the expectations of customers plans. Following the development of individuals and businesses till they reach their goals.

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