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King’s cap

a hard men’s cap distinguished by its hardness and rounded shape. Thinking caps are typically made

An kings ap being of a single color mostly matches up with casual clothes of that color or those who match it with a suit match up the color with the suit setup.

the vertical lines of the front and back are a little curvy, so that, when wearing an LGN Cap , it fits well to one’s head

Ideal for all seasons, special occasions. The hat is reversible and creates a rainproof slouch. Hand finished with a LGN five style stamp. LGN Fivestyle – Kings & Queens

  1. CARE INSTRUCTIONCARE INSTRUCTIONMade in CountryUKFabric content on label1Machine washable, cold with like coloursnoTumble dry low.noDo not use bleachyesDo not ironyeshandwashyesSPECIAL INSTRUCTIONSSoft hat brush (dark coloured for dark hats and light coloured for light hats)

that, when wearing an LGN Cap , it fits well to one’s head

Ideal for all seasons, special occasions. The hat is reversible and creates

LGN Millinery – Pure London SS19

  1. LGN flatback round wide-brimmed hat, hand finished quality headrest for more comfortability. Formed in various shapes and sizes with round crown and deep brim turned upwards to form the wings. A hat which shades the face and shoulders from the sun.

that, when wearing an LGN Cap , it fits well to one’s head

Ideal for all seasons, special occasions. The hat is reversible and creates

LGN millinery selected as a ‘ONES-TO-WATCH

Wishing you all an amazing day. For his first collection

under his own label LGN, John Livingston LGN millinery is proud to inform you all that we have been selected as a ‘ONES-TO-WATCH / EMERGING BRANDS / LAUNCHPAD’ Brand for the show. Only 8 out of 800 are selected.

The Official PURE London Preview has 10,000 printed copies distributed to PURE London’s

Database (untouchable). They have a Digital version emailed to their entire database too. This is the Essential Pre-planning Tool for the show and therefore highly sort after and used by professional big brand buyers.

Accessories – Men’s; Fashion accessories; Hats 

LGN Men’s Spring 2019 See all the looks from the collection. LGN Fivestyle

kings and queens today I like headwear on this page to be warm and well to do with people worldwide in fashionable women and men’s hats long adopted for the streets of Paris to New York and to the Royal Streets of London.

The famous five style  frames and  side faces  present  at first glance as you seen in this pictures style and fun designs

 inspired from the ancient times with a modern-day universal feel

all fashion with its cool silks and gems, Tweed, polyester have designed most of our flatbacks with soft folds for those who want something so casual to wear versatile enough for every occasion with just a turn of the brim. Different angles present a different look the multiple styles is the consumer’s dream adding more value for their money.

The dimensions of the hat can be worn with wide faces to the front with the Wings presenting and creating the illusion for a smaller head

LGN Men’s Fall 2018 Accessories – Men’s; Fashion accessories; Hats & fascinators;

We like to bring to you  some of my top designs here at LGN millinery by starting talking about the manufacturers in the different studies of parties here in the industry standing for conveyance for the upcoming emergent industry  

I would like to just cover some of the progress we have made enough practical designs for fashion 

enthusiasts over the years being inspired  from kings and queens from different eras and generous and we’ve put it all together to inspire the youth of today and the future generations.

LGN’S are different forms off headwear simplicity an elegant style with passion today we’re going to be looking over some of the newer capricious designs and it’s fashion to Express 

5-panel features of London’s diverse millinery.

Livingston is taking o the centuries of Spice 1920s onwards of headwear  have been approximately roughly the same height dimensions as a flat back we have a hand finished  seductive women fashion.

Originals  the new arrival and appreciate the piece can be worn with the multiple Styles  We have the new design  reversible hat which is formed of the high peak of those similar to the Royal coachman

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