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Lgn millinery positive development 2017

General Company Description

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Livingston designs revolutionary technology that replaces the traditional styles of hats.Livingston is a unique manufacturer and retailer of inventively designed hats for those that want a stylish, durable and functional. Livingston was founded in January 2016.  Livingston aim to develop our brand awareness (see marketing and brand management plan for further details) by establishing distribution channels with boutique head wear companies.  Livingston will differentiate itself from its competitors by focusing on manufacturing distinctive and unique styles of hats that attract vintage and millinery hat users.

Mission Statement

Livingston’s mission is to ……by giving people the opportunity to wear a new innovative style that is comfortable and functional.



Be the market leader in quality, functional, stylish headwear, apparel and accessories.


Livingston develops its own unique designs and does its own marketing and promotion through campaigns. Livingston plan to markets its product line by providing an alternative to your everyday hat that can be worn through all seasons. Livingston will differentiate itself through exclusive contracts with boutique retailers and in the long term well known brand names such as Selfridges. Livingston’s differentiation advantage is product quality, service quality and brand image which sets them apart from their competitors

Livingston’s promotional and marketing plan will drive the company’s key message which is a unique, stylish, functional and affordable range of hats. The plan is diverse and uses a variety of marketing communications.


Core Values

The culture of Livingston is embedded in Our Core Values

  1. Livingston will provide excellence in design and functional superiority.

  2. Livingston will be innovative and dynamic in their approach.

  3. Livingston is committed to producing quality products

  4. Livingston will treat all its stakeholders fairly and provides its customers with world-class customer service.

Company Goals

  1. Establish the “Livingston” brand within the headwear industry.

  2. To be the market leader in the specialist headwear product category.

  3. Design, produce and manufacturer high-quality hats.

  4. Establish a large market share in Europe and expand into international markets.

Livingston creating bespoke hats on site using traditional techniques and materials. Specializing in 5 Style reversible & unisex hats, his designs range from the hard military functionality and the delicate to the dramatic and flamboyant. Handmade visors, flowers, feathers and adjustable brims both classic and contemporary. The LGN brand has secret features customized for the clients needs.

“i create hats because i love hats”

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