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Mad max fury road {Full development review} George Miller quote!

Gear up for another post-apocalyptic action adventure with Fury Road.   

BMM  liked “Mad Max: Fury Road  the film’s positives, stunning visuals and the nonstop action. The forth in the series of mad max is set in a scorched wasteland. Survival and escaping seems to be the theme here. Miller chooses practical special effects which captivated the action and made it more believable. This fast pace movie has a dialogue which is extremely sparse, the character development is great however it doesn’t give the viewer a chance to feel for or care about the characters who spend most of their time trying to kill each other or running for their lives.          

Mad max 3  is slightly more character relationship than Fury Road staring Mel Gibson who is sent into the desert by the corrupt ruler of Bartertown, Aunty Entity played by Tina Turner the encounters faced on the isolated cargo boe747 controlled by a crazed cult is extremely action thriving excitement.

The sager continues with thunderbolt and Fury Road but before all this Bmm’s all time favorite in the series has to be the road warrior with the exhilarating entertainment and face paced action. Full of speed and carnage this movie set in the nuclear future resembles a mythological pass. Mel Gibson was fully involved with one of the greatest stunt movies made in its time. To get your very own copy click


I wasn’t even born when the first mad max set the stage with its first development in the series- MadMax the film that started it all. Mel Gibson plays Max Rockansky, the fearless, leather suited cop who wages war with some crazed bikers who targeted his family. this Neo punk road scorching action movie, takes no prisoners and sets the standards for Millers work.


Overall rating for the series 10 out of 10

No, I was never one of those positive people who believes he can have whatever he sets his sights on. I just kept working at it George Miller

Review by Johnbooks

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