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Malham Cove: The Storm that re-created Britain’s highest waterfall.

The storm desmond sparked wonders, as the heavy rain and flooding caused the large, curved feature at Malham cave  to form a waterfall. The cove, one of the natural wonders of Yorkshire was put in place at the end of the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago.

Malham Cove is usually dry as water flows through cracks and gullies to its foot before reaching the cliff edge. Alan Hulme, head of the park’s ranger services, said the water systems were so full it flowed along what has been known as Dry Valley and over the top of the cove. He said: “People are saying for one day, and one day only, it was the biggest unbroken waterfall in England. “The people who saw it have been very fortunate, it was just a fantastic experience.”



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