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Raising money for family in Uganda


Raising money for family in

£1,000 target

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John Livingston is organising this fundraiser.

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I believe in a world without mental poverty, where every mind can be set free. My mission is to invest in education in order to empower the next generation. I do that, by creating educational programs & providing necessary resources to the most underprivileged areas worldwide.

Today my aim is to help my God sons living in severe poverty in Uganda, to improve their health & wellbeing, home life and education opportunities. I will share a testimonial from my brother helping raising my sons in uganda below.

The Lord has kept ,NANGUMYA whose mom died when he was three months old… he grew up an orphan without a family and I was moved to help, when God gave him as the first vision to help little one’s who are orphans.

NANGUMYA was raised by a person that God brought from no where and he educated hin and turned him to what he is today a remarkable man of love. Thank you bro for loving the kids and God..keep that Godly heart.

I would have already done the above for the family in uganda but i didn’t have the capacity financially. I’m humbled by your efforts to feed the hungry..I didn’t know good people still exist. Thanks you ineed advance for the food for the children I have to tell them to start praying for you. Glory be to God and praise be to Jesus for this go fundme link to feed the children.Thank you Jesus for these little ones ❤️

How much do i need for this food. How ever much you can give what I receive is the more I store more food for them and their other needs..

Please donate what you can to the orphans…

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