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Sculpture in the city 2015

Today we are looking at sculpture in the city, presented as part of the city of London’s Cultural strategy. The contemporary art display holds 14 amazing pieces illustrated by leading international artist. The locations of these sculpture are as follows I like to share a few of my favorites and highlights of the event in the city. The first sculpture i would like to look at is: DAYS OF JUDGEMENT CATS 1&2

The installation create by artist Laura Ford was the first to grab my attention, i imagined the emotional despair experience by these to black cats, most likely depicting ridiculed City Boys in distress. One cat has his hand on his head, whilst the other has hands locked behind the back, both have their head’s down creating the impression of Introspective grief. 


The next sculptor is OLD DNA(2014) ) DONATED WITH COURTESY OF James Cohan Gallery: FOLKERT DE JONG b 1972


To see access full research and developments files register here

To see locations of the sculptures in the city click here pdf file

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