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Sinclair Ferguson {Faith, Patients & perseverance} Sermon & Qoutes

Every day we need our gaze redirected from ourselves to God.

Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson (born 1948) is a Scottish theologian known in Reformed Christian circles for his teaching, writing, and editorial work. He is a professor at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, commuting from Scotland where he is an assistant minister at St. Peter’s Free Church of Scotland, Dundee.Wiki

“Failure to deal with the presence of sin can often be traced back to spiritual amnesia – forgetting our new, true, real identity. As a believer, I am someone who has been delivered from the dominion of sin and who therefore is free and motivated to fight against the remnants of sin in my heart. You must know, rest in, think through, and act upon your new identity – you are in Christ”

Ferguson speaks at numerous conferences worldwide. Books he has written, edited or contributed to include:

  1. The Whole Christ: Legalism, Antinomianism, & Gospel Assurance–Why the Marrow Controversy Still Matters (2016) ISBN 978-1433548000

  2. The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction (2013) ISBN 978-1848712591

The foundation of worship in the heart is not emotional…it is theological.” Sinclair B. Ferguson

“Here are wonders upon wonders: the Strong One is weak; the Infinite One lies in a manger; the Prince of Life dies; the Crucified One lives; the Humiliated One is glorified. Meekness and majesty, indeed! Behold, then, your newborn King! Come and worship Him!”

Ferguson received his Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen and was a minister in the Church of Scotland from 1971 to 2005

“Faith is not the ground or basis upon which we are justified, but the means, the “instrument,” by which we are united to Christ, in whom our justification, our “right-wising” with God, has been accomplished.”


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