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Thinking about starting a Organization 2015

What is a organization: Any body or group that has a common purpose an a identity that is separate from any other body or group. However there are so many different kinds of organisations: Lets start with the basics shall we……….


The Organized world: The average person has more wants then they have means, yet economics tells the story of scarcity where we can’t simply provide for every mans greed. The world we live in only has a limited amount of resources at any one time just like a business would. The world is in a divine order and every living organism is created organized in the natural state. The smallest molecule or atom has its organization, just like 1 cell in the human body is more complex then the device your ready these words on right now. When the world losses order, natural disasters occur such as global warming; in turn these events effect the organization of the whole world.

In 2002 a large section of the Larsen b ice shelf collapsed. 13 years on average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world having a negative impact on the native people, wild life and plants.

Organisations are effected by the external environment in many forms not just local, national or international, economic disaster other things from outside affect organisations, over which we have no control;example:change in laws and taxes.


The organised person: Lets look a the human body and is functionality in relation to organisation. The blood which circulates around the body flows seamlessly throughout every part of the human anatomy, in relation to business this would be the systems of modules and administration strategies of working used in all parts of the organisation. The body has many different functions that play various roles in our daily life’s, we have eyes for sight ears for hearing. The way in which an organisation functions is similar, with different functions playing various roles example: Sales team, finance, marketing. Very large organisations have separate departments for each function just like how the brain is the command center for the whole body. Some small organizations have all the functions carried out by one legal person.

Public sector organizations: This type of organization is run by government(central or local) Providing services like education, roads, street lighting, police and health care.

The public sector may varies from country to country but mostly provide the above services.

Business & Voluntary Organisations

Most organisations with a exception of few will have business aspects to them, Which will include the buying and selling of goods and some accountancy.

Business organisations are ones which aim to make a profit. charities and clubs that depend on people working without being paid are Voluntary Organisations some of which also employ people.  



is organized in its natural state, and i mean everything”

John Livingston



Jean-Pierre Brungs

josemartin davidmarcu

Marie-Sophie Tékian

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