To the enterprising customer

To the enterprising customer,  LGN hats with a ribbon suggest all sorts of delightful possibilities, a good ribbon is an economical purchase with a hat for it can be worn in a variety of decorative ways.

LGN five style hats posses the practical advantage of not being split by wind or weather and are an admirable adjunct in the art of ” doing up ” the last season’s headgear, and bringing it up to date, the ribbon-work is skillfully and carefully manipulated to prove a satisfactory decoration; and a certain amount of daintiness in detail should be observed. 

Every make of five style hats uses color and accessories to enrich the finished product. For instances, we use ruched, quills, butterfly bows, cockades, and swallow turban effects, and at the customer’s disposal expensive silks, which of course are soft and pliable, to lend themselves to the fantastic variety of styles and treatment a five-style hat receives at the hands of LGN Millinery

The picture illustrates a happy customer with five style hat suitable and decor swathing around the crown of a hat. This example has been economically manipulated out of a variety of short lengthen material.


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