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Top 10 web design builders

Good day and thank you for choosing BMM developments. Did you know that you can now design your first template with out web design skills or programing knowledge at all either. You can design and build a website on your own and for free. if you are happy to begin take a look at the list of web builders and build your own website today.

  1. SiteBuilder Free Domain for Life, Very Easy to Use, Create a Free Website.

  2. GoDaddy Designed for designers, Modern and clean templates

  3. WebsiteBuilder Price FREE  Free templates, Free Domain, Easy to use

Server graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

  1. Sitey Value 5/5 Price £3.95 Score 91% Great template choice, very simple to use.

  2. eHost 4/5 Features Value 5/5 Price £2.75 Score 90% Best Web Hosting Option, cPanel, Free Domain,

  3. WordPress Very attractive Free Domain for Life,templates easy to use

  1. Sitelio Features 3/5 Value 3/5 Price £6.95 Score 85%

  2. Webs Features 3/5 Value 4/5 Price £12.99 Score 80% website builder, building a site is easy and simple.

  3. SiteBlog Feature 4/5 Value 5/5 Price FREE Score 79%Free Domain for Life, Very Easy to Use 

  1. BossesMadeMen

How the web development works?

STEP 1: Motivational interview will take place on week one to get an understanding of your business requirements we make sure we take the time to understand your business: your brand, your products, and specific development needs. With this information, we will draft up a development plan. 1st payment received


STEP 2  Designs client will be met with specific designs and templates to chose the best design. 2nd payment received

STEP 3 Development  We develop your module across a range of platforms to optimize customer engagement. 3rd payment received

STEP 4 Launch Client will be given password and instructions how to operate the site, We provide full support  which covers phone support and fixing any bugs or errors that arise and we also provide a whole range of online marketing services. Final payment received.

So you properly would like to know the prices we charge for our website development. please see below.

Starting Costs

Domain Registration (1yrs – £8.95 Domain Registration (1yrs .com) – £9.95 Web hosting (per year) – £7 Entrepreneur Website – Mobile Friendly

5 – 10 pages – £395

10 – 15 pages – £595

15 – 20 pages – £795

Business Website -Mobile Responsive

5 – 10 pages – £595 10 – 15 pages – £895 15 – 20 pages – £1295

To see some testimonies and websites with designed please click here

To get your own domain name start now by filling out form here

As a member of BMM developments for over a year Your total package will cost you £320.00 for the development of a painting and decorator business web-site this special offer includes a year hosting free.

To pay in full click here 

To pay in installments click below

1 week: step 1 Motivational interview 1 week pay now

2nd week: step 2 Designs pay now

3rd week: step 3 Development pay now

4th week: step 4 Launch pay now

This has to be done in the order respectively for best results.

For advance fast-tracked development we charge £1000 and all this will be done in a week 


If you have any concerns or questions about your business developments, please contact me. 07494260360

Kind Regards

John Milton.Livingston

Business Development Manager

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