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Virtual therapy software & Information systems 2015

Today we are looking at the growing market of virtual therapy. Computers software for years has been trying to solve major problematical issues. I have found that computer software has been used for a very longtime to help those suffering with anxiety or depression.

The first software was written at MIT by Joseph Weizenbaum between 1964 and 1966 the ELIZA program is a clever software designed to talk back to the user mimicking a 8 week therapy course of behavioral cognitive. ELIZA was implemented using simple pattern matching techniques It was one of the first chatterbots. see video 

New technology also allows for the treatment of addictions and other conditions including anxiety disorders and phobias where it has proven very effective  It is now one of the primary treatments for PTSD.

The developments have led to many advancements in gaming for rehabilitation, now we have the second coming of techno virtual reality.1998 we had our first  rubber hand illusion  Technological, multi-sensory illusions example reveals the power of the brain and Visual perception it suggest that all are senses work together, but one could also be replaced with another. This technology could be really helpful for the blind when developing navigational tools.

The developments in virtual therapy have creating room for {major body owner illusion} putting a subject in a virtual body using a headset in which you can look at your self in another body. This is used to fight mental illness, decrease racial discrimination, through means of Avatar embodiment, research shows that the effects help stereotypes and self criticisms and many perceptions of one self. 

We all have games and Therapeutic apps on our smart phones and devices

              Top 3

Virtually free Therapeutic games to improve mental health

Relax Melodies A popular free relaxation sound and music app.

BMM information support system  Self Development Guide Find health, law & business

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