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Terms and Conditions

Invoicing and Automatic Payment Dates

BossesMadeMen will generate invoices and process automatic payments based on the information below. Your automatic payment date may change, depending upon your billing cycle and the product in question.

Item(s) Renewing Renewal Cycle Invoice Generation Hosting Packages/ 6 Months 6 days prior to Renewal Domain renewals 1 Year 30 days prior to Renewal 15 days prior to Renewal

Notification policy

For your convenience, we will not send notification to you on invoice generation if you have a card on file for automatic billing. However, if we are unable to successfully charge your card(s) on file, we will attempt to notify you. To help you avoid account suspension and data loss, we will attempt to contact you via the following methods:

We will attempt to contact you via email the day your invoice payment fails. 5 Days after a due invoice we will send a follow up email and an automated call will attempt to notify you by phone. 9 Days after a due invoice we will attempt to contact you via email and phone as a final notice prior to suspension. 10 Days after a due invoice we will provide email notification of the suspension of service. 18 Days after a due invoice we will attempt to provide final notice via phone before removing your data from the server. If you choose to disable automatic billing by removing all card(s) from your account, you will receive notifications any time an invoice is created.

Important Information

With the great advancement in technology today, there are several of thousands of companies emphasising on the use of the Internet technology for further expansion of their business online. Today we have a dedicated market for online business entrepreneurs alone for Web Hosting. As a business owner, whether you own a server or have rented web space being owned by a web hosting provider, you need to host it on a web server. Websites created by individuals and business organisations has created an immense demand for the servers being shared with other companies (or dedicated server) that at times requires their own private server for their bandwidth and internet connection plans.

Like in case of any business proposal, there are advantages as well as drawbacks; same is the case in web hosting. Before scaling down your requirement to run a web hosting company, it is better to first estimate your needs carefully. This would give you clarity whether you would like to run your own company and rent servers for web hosting. If you wish to run a web hosting business, you also need to scrutinise the pros and cons involved therein. Both should be compared such that you can chart out a business plan efficiently.

The best part about web hosting business is that there is a massive demand for web hosting services from people world over. One also has the job security when it comes to individuals and business organisations renting server space and building their own websites. And this trend is expected to continue for many more years to come. In order to stay competitive in the growing industry, web hosting business also requires you to create recognition for yourself and strategise to attract more traffic to your website. Besides, if you want to run a web hosting company, you also need to be technically experienced about operating and maintaining web servers to avoid any issues. You may opt for training on web hosting, or hire experts to manage the elements of your web hosting business. You must also provide constant 24×7 customer support service to cater to the problems of your customers from across the globe for the successfulness of your online business.

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