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What is the best way to keep my bike from being stolen?

The best way to protect your bicycle is: “Have more security on your bike than the bike it’s parked next to.”

Looking at many different locks that are available, most do the basic securing of a bike. A lock can be as costly as you choose to make it, from a few dollars for a basic lock which does nothing to prevent theft, to over a hundred dollars for a really good lock.

The most popular product used to protect homes, cars and motor bikes is: An Alarm!

Most cars have them why not my bike?

While looking for a good lock I decided to look at alarms also. A separate bike alarm will cost from $25.00 to well over a hundred dollars. An alarm is a great idea because this is something that makes a lot of noise and attracts a bunch of attention. The noise is an excellent deterrent, thieves do not want attention, just to grab the item and run.

I had purchased a lock and also a separate alarm to try and remedy the situation to help me keep my bike from being stolen. I now have two items to help secure my bike, the lock and the alarm.

So, what if the two were combined?

A lock and an alarm together in one package would make a much better system!

I did even better I found the alarm and lock with a flexible cable. I can attach my bike to almost anything I can put the cable around. My bike is now securely locked and if somebody moves it the alarm shrieks at 110 decibels and this creates even more attention to my bike. A bike that will not move because of the lock and the alarm is making so much noise it becomes more hassle to steal it than it is worth.

An efficient package and so noisy when activated! The cable is approximately 2 ½ feet long and over ¾ inches thick, very flexible and weighs just over 2 pounds, easy to take with me on trips.

I feel better knowing I have done almost all I can do to protect my investment from being stolen while using just one product to do all I require. This versatile alarm lock with cable can be used as a lock or an alarm-lock.

This alarm lock with cable also serves to secure my ATV and lawn/garden shed which holds other valuable items I own. I am finding many different uses for this alarm lock with cable, I not only lock my bike with it I also lock my car steering wheel and you do not want to be in enclosed spaces when the 110 decibel alarm goes off.

Many people think it is foolish to lock their bike up, while others are victims facing the reality of having their bike stolen. Opportunistic theft is the most common method of stealing your bike.

Lock it, Alarm it, or Lose it.

You spent hard earned money on your bike, spending a few dollars to help you keep it would be worthwhile, in my opinion.

Written by Gord Anten

You can find out more about the alarm lock with cable at

 by: Gord Anten

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