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Wiley -the godfather of grime – motivation 2017

“I’ve got beats and flows, stadium shows, so I’m here doin it right Nobody knows if it’s gonna work overseas, but you wait until I try it I get the flag and fly it”

Richard Kylea Cowie (born 19 January 1979), better known by his stage name Wiley.the “Godfather of Grime.”  British rapper  at the root of local electronic music scene, with its garage and jungle styles.

Wiley has a confident, urban and a bit Cockney flow –  hip-hop artist and producer the mainstream co-opting the underground.

In the early 2000s, he independently released a series of highly influential eskibeat instrumentals on white label vinyl,[3][4] most notably the first in the series “Eskimo” and rose to fame as a grime MC both for his solo work and for material released with his crew Roll Deep. wiki… Wiley-SpeakerBox Produced By Mucky NoizBoiz Godfather Out January 13th

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